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Balloon Sinus Surgery

balloon sinus surgeryThe use of "balloon-dilation" is a relatively new technique in sinus surgery.  Instead of using traditional endoscopic instruments such as forceps and microdebriders, the surgeon can use a balloon to dilate the sinus openings--a technique similar to angioplasty (opening blocked arteries).  The procedure is less invasive than traditional sinus surgery, and does not require removal of bone or tissue.  Recent studies prove it to be a safe and effective treatment in relieving symptoms of chronic sinusitis.  The surgeons at New England ENT have over 5 years of experience with this technology, and even perform this procedure in the office under local anesthesia, without the need to go to an operating room or undergo general anesthesia.  Most patients undergoing in-office balloon dilation are able to return to work and normal activity within 2 days.


*Not all patients are candidates for this type of sinus surgery, such as those with nasal polyps or extensive scarring of their sinus openings.

Is balloon sinus surgery right for me?

Please answer the questions below to see if you could be a candidate for balloon sinus surgery.


Do you experience any of the following symptoms? (Check all that apply)

•  Facial pain

•  Facial pressure

•  Recurrent sinus infections

•  Sinus headaches

•  None of the above


Has a doctor prescribed sinus medication for you to address your condition(s)?

•  Yes

•  No


In the past year, how many weeks have you taken sinus medication for your condition?

•  Does not apply

•  Less than 4 weeks

•  4 - 5 weeks

•  6 - 8 weeks

•  9 - 12 weeks

•  More than 12 weeks


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